How Do You Set Up A Game Of Kemps?

Are you ready to dive into an exciting and engaging card game? Let’s discover how to set up a game of Kemps! Whether you’re a card enthusiast or a newbie looking for a fun activity, Kemps is the perfect game to enjoy with friends and family. So, gather around and let’s get started!

In Kemps, players form teams of two and work together to signal when they have four-of-a-kind. The goal is to be the first team to shout “Kemps!” and earn points. Setting up the game is quick and easy, requiring just a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Get your cards ready because we’re about to embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure!

To begin, separate the deck into four equal piles, one for each suit – hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each player takes one pile and shuffles it thoroughly so that the cards are well mixed. Once everyone is done shuffling, each player receives four cards face-down, forming their own personal hand. Remember to keep your cards hidden from your opponents!

Now that the cards are dealt, it’s time to kickstart the game. The remaining deck serves as a draw pile, with the top card flipped face-up next to it. This card starts the discard pile, and the game begins with the player to the left of the dealer. Remember, the objective is to get four cards of the same rank and then discreetly signal your teammate without alerting the other players. Are you ready to discover the strategies and tactics to master this thrilling game? Let’s get going and uncover the secrets of Kemps!

How do you set up a game of Kemps?

How to Set Up a Game of Kemps: A Fun and Interactive Card Game

Kemps is a classic card game that brings friends and family together for hours of fun and laughter. This fast-paced, team-based game requires strategy and quick thinking to outsmart your opponents. Whether you’re a seasoned Kemps player or new to the game, this article will guide you through the process of setting up a game of Kemps and provide you with tips to enhance your gameplay. So gather your friends and get ready for an exciting card game experience!

Choosing Teams and Assigning Roles

Before diving into the world of Kemps, it’s essential to form teams of two players each. Kemps is best played with at least four players, but you can have more teams if you have a larger group. Each team will have a “lookout” and a “shooter”. The lookout’s role is to observe the game and silently communicate with their partner using secret signals or gestures. The shooter’s job is to make specific signals to their partner when they believe they have a matching set of cards. These roles will come into play during the game, adding an extra layer of excitement and teamwork.

To assign teams and roles, you can use a simple method like drawing cards or picking numbers. For example, the two players who draw the highest cards can be on one team, while the two players with the lowest cards can be on the other team. Alternatively, you can assign teams randomly, ensuring a fair playing field for everyone.

Preparing the Deck

Once the teams and roles are established, it’s time to prepare the deck for the game. Kemps is typically played with a standard 52-card deck, excluding the jokers. Shuffle the deck thoroughly to ensure randomness. To begin each round, players are dealt four cards each, face down, in a clockwise direction. The remaining deck is placed in the center, forming the draw pile. Make sure all players have enough space to organize their hand and keep it hidden from the opposing team.

It’s essential to establish clear rules regarding communication during the game. Normally, players are not allowed to talk to each other, except for the designated signals between the lookout and the shooter. This rule adds an element of suspense and surprise to the game, as players must rely on their instincts and observations to anticipate their opponents’ moves.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to agree on a time limit for rounds, as this keeps the game moving and prevents delays. A common time limit is one minute per round, but you can adjust it based on your preferences and the skill level of the players involved.

Understanding the Objective and Gameplay

The main objective in Kemps is to be the first team to get four-of-a-kind and successfully communicate this to your partner. However, achieving this goal is not as simple as it sounds. The opposing team will be watching closely, trying to catch any signs of matching cards and shout “Kemps!” before your team can do the same.

During gameplay, teams will take turns drawing cards from the draw pile, one at a time, and discarding unwanted cards face up onto a separate discard pile. The goal is to continually replace cards from your hand with new ones in the hope of forming four-of-a-kind. Pay attention to the cards your partner is discarding, as they may be signaling you to shoot if they believe they have a matching set.

To indicate a successful four-of-a-kind, the shooter must make a secret signal to their lookout partner. This signal can be a discreet gesture, a tap on the table, or a specific phrase agreed upon before the game. Once the lookout recognizes the signal, they must shout “Kemps!” as quickly as possible. If the opposing team shouts “Kemps!” first, before your lookout can do so, your team loses that round, and the game continues.

The Importance of Communication and Strategy in Kemps

One of the key elements that sets Kemps apart from other card games is the reliance on nonverbal communication between teammates. The lookout and shooter must develop a secret language to convey information without alerting the opposing team. This adds an exciting layer of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must observe their opponents while also communicating effectively with their partner.

Developing a set of signals and gestures unique to your team is essential for success in Kemps. It’s crucial to practice and refine these signals before playing against other teams. This way, your communication will be swift and seamless, giving you an edge over your opponents. The stronger your team’s communication and coordination, the better your chances of winning the game.

Additionally, paying attention to the gameplay of others is essential. Observing the cards discarded by the opposing team can give you valuable insights into their strategy and the cards they may be collecting. Stay alert, analyze their moves, and use this information to your advantage. Likewise, be cautious not to make your own signals too obvious, as observant opponents may catch on to your tactics.

Tips for a Successful Game of Kemps

To enhance your Kemps gameplay, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Establish clear rules and signals before starting the game to avoid confusion.
  • Practice your nonverbal communication skills with your teammate to create effective and discreet signals.
  • Observe the other players closely and try to detect any patterns in their gameplay.
  • Keep track of the cards discarded by the opposing team to gain insights into their strategy.
  • Remain focused and pay attention to the game throughout to avoid missing any signals or opportunities.
  • Play multiple rounds to sharpen your skills and improve your team’s communication.
  • Have fun! Kemps is all about enjoying the company of friends and family while engaging in a friendly competition.

Celebrating the Winner and the Joy of Kemps

As the game of Kemps unfolds, the excitement builds, and the competition intensifies. Reaching the four-of-a-kind and successfully shouting “Kemps!” can bring a thrilling sense of victory, while shouting “Kemps!” before your opponents gives an adrenaline rush like no other. Celebrate these moments and cherish the memories created during the gameplay. Whether you’re playing casually at home or participating in a Kemps tournament, the joy and camaraderie that Kemps fosters make it a truly remarkable card game experience.

So, gather your friends, set up a game of Kemps, and get ready for a memorable time filled with laughter, strategy, and friendly competition. May the best team win, and may Kemps bring you countless hours of enjoyment for years to come!

Troubleshooting and Common Questions

Even with clear rules and instructions, it’s natural to encounter questions and challenges while playing Kemps. Here are answers to some common queries and troubleshooting tips to help you navigate any issues that may arise during gameplay:

How do I keep track of the cards discarded by the opposing team?

Keeping tabs on the cards discarded by the opposing team can be challenging, especially if the game is fast-paced. To help with this, you can appoint a lookout on your team, whose main role is to observe and remember the cards being discarded by the opponents. The lookout can use mental cues or keep a discreet tally to remember the discarded cards accurately. Alternatively, you can also assign this responsibility to both team members, with each player keeping track of specific cards or suits.

Communication between the lookout and shooter is crucial to ensure that the important information is conveyed accurately and at the right time. Establishing a shorthand or a system of signals between teammates can facilitate the transmission of this information without alerting the opposing team.

What happens if both teams shout “Kemps!” simultaneously?

In the event that both teams shout “Kemps!” at the same time, it is a tie, and the round is considered null. The game continues with a new round, and players reshuffle the deck and redeal the cards as usual. Ties can add another layer of suspense and excitement to the game, as both teams strive to outwit each other and be the first to call “Kemps!”

If ties occur frequently, you can consider implementing additional tiebreaker rules, such as the team with the highest card value in their four-of-a-kind winning the round or introducing a sudden-death round to break the tie. These additional rules can add a new dimension to the gameplay and keep everyone engaged.

Can we modify the rules of Kemps to suit our preferences?

Like any other game, Kemps can be customized to accommodate the preferences and playing styles of the participants. Feel free to modify the rules as long as all players are in agreement and understand the changes. For example, you can adjust the number of cards dealt to each player, the time limit for rounds, or the signaling methods. Just remember to communicate any modifications clearly before starting the game to avoid confusion or disagreements.

However, it’s important to note that when playing Kemps competitively or joining organized tournaments, it is crucial to adhere to the standardized rules to maintain a level playing field and fair competition. Modifying the rules in these contexts may lead to disqualification or disputes. In casual settings among friends and family, customization can add a personal touch and make the game even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Key Takeaways: How do you set up a game of Kemps?

  1. Gather a group of 4 people, split into partnerships.
  2. Arrange the players into a circle, facing each other.
  3. Deal 4 cards to each player, face-down.
  4. Place a deck of cards in the center of the circle.
  5. Decide who will start the game and how the signals will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer some common questions about setting up a game of Kemps.

1. How many players are needed to play Kemps?

Kemps is a fun party game that requires a minimum of four players, divided into two teams of two players each. However, you can also have more players by forming larger teams with an equal number of players on each team. Just remember that the game works best when played with an even number of players.

Each player sits opposite their teammate, so they can easily communicate and strategize during the game. Set up a playing area where all players can sit comfortably and see each other.

2. What do you need to play Kemps?

To play Kemps, you will need a standard deck of playing cards with the Jokers removed. The game works best with a deck of 52 cards, but if you have more players, you can use multiple decks to accommodate everyone.

Additionally, you should have a flat surface, like a table, to play on. This will provide a central space for players to place their cards and keep track of the game. Lastly, make sure everyone understands the rules and objectives of Kemps before you start playing.

3. How do you set up the cards for Kemps?

To set up the cards for Kemps, shuffle the deck thoroughly to ensure randomness. Then, deal four cards to each player, face-down. Players should not reveal their cards to anyone other than their teammate.

The remaining cards should be placed in a stack in the center of the table, face-down. This stack will serve as the draw pile from which players can replenish their hands during the game.

4. How do you determine which team goes first?

To determine which team goes first in Kemps, you can simply flip a coin or use any other fair method of random selection. For example, each player can draw a card from the deck, and the team with the player holding the highest-ranking card goes first.

Alternatively, you can choose another team member to come up with a creative way to decide. Remember, the goal is to keep it fair and fun for everyone involved.

5. Can you customize the rules of Kemps?

Yes, absolutely! One of the great things about Kemps is that you can customize the rules to fit your group’s preferences. As long as all players agree on the modifications, you can tweak the rules to add more excitement and variety to the game.

For example, you can introduce additional signals or gestures for communication between teammates, set a time limit for each turn, or even create special cards with unique abilities. Just make sure everyone is on the same page with the rule changes before you start playing!

How to play Kemps


Setting up a game of Kemps is easy! First, gather a group of friends – at least four players is ideal. Arrange yourselves in two teams facing each other. Next, create a secret signal with your teammate to communicate when you have four-of-a-kind. Then, deal four cards to each player and place the remaining cards facedown in the center. The goal is to get four-of-a-kind by exchanging cards with other players. Remember, no talking allowed! Once your team gets four-of-a-kind, signal your partner, and if they notice, yell “Kemps!” to win the round. Keep playing until one team reaches a predetermined number of wins. Enjoy the fun and excitement of Kemps with your friends!

Now that you know how to set up a game of Kemps, gather your friends and give it a try. Remember the simple steps: gather your team, create a secret signal, deal the cards, and aim for four-of-a-kind. Just make sure to communicate without talking and be alert for your partner’s signal. Kemps is a fantastic game that will bring laughter and competition to your gatherings. Have a blast playing Kemps!

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